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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kottarakkara Pincode / Post Office Search (KOLLAM, Kerala)

Akkal B.O 691516KottarakkaraKerala
Ambalakkara B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Ambalathumkala B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Anakottur B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Andoor B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Arkannur B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Ayirakuzhy B.O 691559KottarakkaraKerala
Chadayamangalam S.O 691534KottarakkaraKerala
Chakkuvarakkal B.O 691508KottarakkaraKerala
Channappara B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Chariparabu B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Chenkulam B.O 691510KottarakkaraKerala
Cheppara S.O 691520KottarakkaraKerala
Cherukulam B.O 691306KottarakkaraKerala
Cherupoika B.O 691543KottarakkaraKerala
Cheruvakkal B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Edathara B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Edayam B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Elamadu B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Elampazhannur B.O 691534KottarakkaraKerala
Idakkadom B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Irumpanangadu B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Iverkala East B.O 691507KottarakkaraKerala
Kadakkode B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Kaithacode S.O 691543KottarakkaraKerala
Kaithode B.O 691535KottarakkaraKerala
Karikkom B.O 691531KottarakkaraKerala
Karimpinpuzha B.O 691507KottarakkaraKerala
Karingannur S.O 691516KottarakkaraKerala
Karuvelil B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Kattadi Jn B.O 691537KottarakkaraKerala
Kizhakketheruvu B.O 691531KottarakkaraKerala
Kokkad B.O 691538KottarakkaraKerala
Kollayil B.O 691541KottarakkaraKerala
Kottathala B.O 691566KottarakkaraKerala
Kottavattom B.O 691322KottarakkaraKerala
Kottukkal B.O 691306KottarakkaraKerala
Kudavattur B.O 691512KottarakkaraKerala
Kulakkada East B.O 691521KottarakkaraKerala
Kulakkadathazham B.O 691521KottarakkaraKerala
Kummil B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Kura B.O 691557KottarakkaraKerala
Kuriyode B.O 691534KottarakkaraKerala
Kuttikadu B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Madathara S.O 691541KottarakkaraKerala
Mailode B.O 691537KottarakkaraKerala
Mailom B.O 691560KottarakkaraKerala
Mancode-kadakkal B.O 691559KottarakkaraKerala
Manjappara B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Mannur-anchal B.O 691311KottarakkaraKerala
Maranad B.O 691505KottarakkaraKerala
Mathira B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Mavadi B.O 691507KottarakkaraKerala
Meeyana B.O 691510KottarakkaraKerala
Melila B.O 691508KottarakkaraKerala
Muttara B.O 691512KottarakkaraKerala
Nedumoncavu B.O 691509KottarakkaraKerala
Nedumpaikulam B.O 691501KottarakkaraKerala
Nellikunnam B.O 691520KottarakkaraKerala
Nellimukku B.O 691509KottarakkaraKerala
Nettayam B.O 691537KottarakkaraKerala
Oyur S.O 691510KottarakkaraKerala
Panavely B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Perumkulam B.O 691566KottarakkaraKerala
Plappally B.O 691531KottarakkaraKerala
Podiyattuvila B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Poredom B.O 691534KottarakkaraKerala
Pulippara Jn B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Pullupana B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Sadanandapuram B.O 691531KottarakkaraKerala
Thalachira B.O 691538KottarakkaraKerala
Thamarakudy B.O 691560KottarakkaraKerala
Thevalappuram B.O 691507KottarakkaraKerala
Thevannur B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Thrikkannamangal B.O 691531KottarakkaraKerala
Thrioppilazhikom B.O 691509KottarakkaraKerala
Thudayannur B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Vakkanad B.O 691509KottarakkaraKerala
Valavupacha B.O 691559KottarakkaraKerala
Valiyode B.O 691520KottarakkaraKerala
Vattathamara B.O 691536KottarakkaraKerala
Vayakkal B.O 691532KottarakkaraKerala
Vayala-anchal B.O 691306KottarakkaraKerala
Vayyanam B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Veliyam West B.O 691540KottarakkaraKerala
Vendar B.O 691507KottarakkaraKerala
Vengoor B.O 691533KottarakkaraKerala
Venkolla B.O 691541KottarakkaraKerala

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